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Hello and welcome to my blog !

The View from the Towers

"The Towers" is the unofficial name for where I live, which is a house built in 1907 in a small town near Frankfurt am Main, Germany. You'll find I mostly write about my life as a ex-pat Brit living in Germany, with travels to the UK and Japan. I hope you enjoy reading.

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 Nigel Ruddock

We never know where life will lead us. Way back in time I studied Archaeology and Anthropology at the wonderful University of Durham in the north of England. Thereafter followed life in London working in political pressure groups, making music and working on the staff of Music and Musicians. Music took me to Wales, where I learned how to build violins. Germany then called, and I have been there ever since, working as a professional Geigenbaumeister. Music also took me to Japan in 2018, leading me to organize concerts for pianist  Emi Ikeyama at Bechstein's in Frankfurt. Learning Japanese saved me from madness during Covid  lockdown, and I have not looked back since.

Look out for.....



Fine Craftwork






Calligraphy and more....

and by the way.... 難しい言語を勉強しています☺

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