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400 years of laughter 笑い

2022 年 8 月 14日

From the first moment I flicked open the news this morning I was aready regretting it. An arrogant authoritarian state playing war games off Taiwan. Another state, which has produced so much great writing and music in the past, fires rockets into its neighbour, Ukraine, how crude can you get.

I have a defence mechanism for daily life. Humour and the ability to laugh at oneself. Have you ever noticed that authoritarian leaders never seem to laugh at themselves? And over-zealous national pride never did anyone any good. Just look at history.

Shakespeare knew all about humour. Last night I went down to Darmstadt to see an open-air performance of "A Midsummer Night's Dream"by the ESOC Theatre Group. I laughed and laughed at a play written over 400 years ago. And it did me good. Thank you all concerned.

I also laughed, and was amazed by, the news story of an eccentic 93-year-old who recently strapped herself to an aeroplane to raise money for is a screenshot....Betty Bromage!...what a name......チャリティーのためのスタント

Being interviewed afterwards, the plucky lady simply laughed and said "you have to try things you've never done before...."The pilot said that he was more scared than she was .....


Yes, The big Japanese festival in Frankfurt is about to start (at the time of writing)....I have been driving to the airport at highly unsociable hours to pick up artists who have flown from Japan

The Band KAO=S with Kaori Kawabuchi (aka "Lady Samurai") with Shuji Yamagiri.....(Guitare)

Members of the band "Selfish" and dancers from Razaris from Saitama.....

新鮮な空気 - ゲーテタワー、フランクフルト

Meanwhile the stage is rising on the site........


All arriving on huge lorries.....


Men at work, not wanting to be photographed......

I have to grapple with new technology.........私は運転手です。 技術が複雑すぎる

...and try to park this monster car......


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