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💧 Dew 露

Updated: Oct 11

2023 年 9 月 29 日

Coming back from my morning walk I notice that my shoes are wet. Not surprising. The grass is heavy with dew.

地上は つゆでくつ が ぬれました.

Dew is simply water....Mizu

みず (水). To remember this kanji character a teacher once told me to think of a watering can. This did not actually help me much. So I started learning shodou - しょどう (書道), literally, the way of writing. Calligraphy in other words. Beautiful writing. I rather liked my Mizu and pinned it to the wall......

Here is the real thing : つゆ (露 .......)

Yes. The changing of the seasons. The low light shines through those annoying plants - nettles, making them less annoying......いらくさ (刺草)

..........and manages to make this rampant weed by the railway track look almost's called Japanese Knotweed.

I have never seen it in Japan 😆!

日本ではこんなの見たことない !

Also along the railway track you see these little beauties.....bedecked with dew of course.....

Look up "dew" in a Japanese dictionary and you will be thrown into the beguiling world of Japanese you mean tears, night dew, white dew? or "comparing the beauty of dew to that of a flower"? or maybe a "house covered with dew" ? or maybe the dew that trickles down from a flower? The choice is yours.

凍露.....露華.....露の宿り.....花のしずく....? 🤔

Well, conkers are conkers.....せいようとちき (西洋栃)

No migration back to the south for this poor thing. He had flown straight into the huge patio doors of our old house, and lay there on the ground, perfect. Such tasteful, subtle colours! The photo does not do his shades of green justice. He is no finch, but a warbler. The slender beak designed for catching insects, not for cracking open seeds. One of those little birds that you hear singing from the trees tops and raise your spirits in spring.

この鳥は私たちの古い家の大きな窓に向かって飛んでいきました。 私は非常に悲しいです。 彼はとても美しいです。


Another country. Another change. A gradual transition it seems from young Queen .......

to older King.......the UK postal service.....


Raise your glasses to his Majesty. But what is this?


I never thought that this could happen. I forgot about this bottle in the freezer (it was there for a quick chill), and now have frozen beer. Interestingly enough, the bottle did not break, but the cap began to leak.......

このビールが冷凍庫にあるのを忘れていました 😕

Well what next.

Elvis, it seems. Well, I suppose some people need him.....


End of short blog. See you next week.

また来週 🙋🏻‍♂️......

Sunset from The Towers

💦 Thank you for reading "..Dew.."

".. 露.."を読んでくれてありがとう

💦 Feel free to share the blog with friends.


💦 And it would be nice to hear from you...!





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