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Earthy 土の匂い

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

2023 年 10 月 6 日

There are some things that the internet cannot do.

I cycle out beyond the houses of my little town and something hits my nostrils. The pungent smell of raw earth. The internet does not do smell.

インターネットには匂いがつかない...(tsukanai...strange verb🤔)

Yes, it's that time of year again. The tractor leaves an almost perfect impression on the light sandy soils of Langen (you can even see a tyre number !!) There has been very little rain, hence the dust.......雨は降っていません。 ほこり.

What do you smell here? Creosote is a smell from my childhood. Telegraph poles and fences in Sussex were painted with the stuff to preserve the wood. It is not unpleasant - a warm sort of smell.....

ここでは何の匂いがしますか。 クレオソートの匂いがする…

And here? You see a picture of a local horse - Do you get the whiff of the stables?


Funnily enough, I can detect no smell here....although this huge fungus is attracting flies in abundance....

ここでは匂いはありません。 何もない。

though despite any noticeable smell, nature puts on a design show for us.......

from a cyclists' perspective......


With the final closing down of our former house many things are coming out of the woodwork. A comfy chair........(some of you may remember a Monty Python sketch about "the comfy chair.....)...some eBay guy was meant to pick it up....but didn't....had to go to the town recycling site with it......


Photo: Joshua

...and this picture, drawn about 10 years ago by one of my nieces........I like the way she drew the instruments in my workshop..........



I love the thrill of listening to newly composed music. I have to hear it live though - not on the radio. Not quite sure why this is. So it was very enjoyable to sit down and listen to a concert in Kronberg on Friday. Now for `cellists and string players in general, the Kronberg Festival (north of Frankfurt) has become seriously big these days..


.......attracting the likes of Steven Isserlis, Miklos Perenji, Julia Fischer, Frans Helmerson, Andras Schiff, Gary Hoffmann, Pinchas Zukerman, Christian Tetzlaff, Gidon Kremer, Tabea Zimmermann and, and, and.....I see I have fallen into the trap of dropping names.

But despite all the banking wealth and potential snobbishness of such a festival, the musicians are real, and they open their lessons to the the public: "Master classes".

I actually went to hear the charming Bridges Chamber Orchestra. They are such fun, experimenting with all sorts of instrumental sounds from beyond Europe, and exuding such a positive vibe...I love the way they turned around and bowed to us...the mortals in the "cheap" seats (haha....nothing is cheap in Kronberg)


The highlight was a violin concerto especially composed for the Kronberg Akademie by Enjott Schneider, and played brillaintly by Itamar Zorman. What was that fragment of a folk tune I detected? It took a while for it to reveal itself. And, lo and behold, there it was: the Catalonian Carol "Song of the Birds". How apt for a festival in memory of Pablo is an original recording.....



Not much hiking of late, with hiking pals all going off to exotic places like Montenegro....


Photo: Wenyi

and Armenia.....more interesting than central Germany I suppose........

Photo: Phe

But I am happy to sit in the evening sun and think of friends near and far....and write....


🚜 Thank you for reading "..Earthy.."


🚜 Feel free to share the blog with friends.


🚜 And it would be nice to hear from you...!


p.s. I tried to make a Mozarella salad today but couldn't get it quite right. I only had yellow tomatoes...........




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