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😼 I am a cat 吾輩は猫である

2024 年 3 月 6 日

I think most of us would rather forget the year 2020. The lockdowns, the travel restrictions, the masks, the Zoom video meetings.....

But one thing I did learn from that time was that I did not have to go far to discover little delights in my local area.

So with that in mind I present to you a selection of simple photos, all taken within a 6km radius of my flat.



Let's start Locus iste - in this place.

This week I am looking after Maggy, who is 18 years old. She is the star of the show this week.

Envious? well, she is actually a lot of work, because she needs to take medicine, and can't go outside. And she wakes me up in the morning........🤨

She looks a bit scruffy doesn't she? That's because she can't bend around and lick her back anymore. I wonder if you can buy a hair brush for a cat? There are hairs all over the flat!

マギーちゃんの せわ をしていします.....彼女は18歳です!


もう腰をかがめて背中を舐めることができないので、彼女は少しだらしなく見えます。 猫用のヘアブラシを買ってもらえませんか?毛はアパートにそこらじゅうがあります。

"This is my warm spot"


....a walk in the early morning, and it's still a bit wintry......


we haven't quite got rid of Jack Frost yet.....


But here and there......


.... creatures are beginning to least in my attic.....


I wish I could sleep like this.....


The church at Dreieich-Sprendlingen

with a stream running through the village


and baroque flourishes on the vicarage door

Yes, here they are.....the crocuses....

Down the road in Dreieichenhain there is a ruined castle.......


On the way to Zeppelinheim. This was a settlement built in 1938 especially for maintenance crews and pilots of the airship company. It's only a 20 min ride away. If the way is not blocked, that is......


Here you would expect to see Zeppelins. No, the've all gone now. Instead there is a memorial to the Berlin Airlift. In 1948, When Stalin decided he wanted to have Berlin all for himself, the Allies had to feed the people of Berlin - As Frankfurt is only 550 Km away from Berlin it was chosen as one of the distribution points. Here are two of the original planes..

Back in Langen woods....

And just a reminder who the star of the show is this week...

覚えて。I am a Cat ..... わがはいはねこである.........私はここのボスです。

...and as we all know in the cat world, many honourable cats have come before us........


I say goodbye for this week with a celestial "f" 🎼

😼 Thank you for reading "..I am a Cat .."


  Feel free to share the blog with friends.

😼 よろしければ、リンクを友達と共有してください

 😼 And and I enjoy hearing from you...!





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Mar 07

Dear Nigel,

Gorgeous photo's as ever! Spring lifts the heart . Your cat friend is hilarious.

Thank you for sharing!

Ruth x

Mar 07
Replying to

She's got me under her little paw you know..........🙄

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