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⬆️ Straight on まっすぐ

2024 年 2 月 28 日

Yeap. Got it. I have to go straight on. Because this is a Diversion (Engl.), une Déviation (French), ein Umleitung (German), Ukairo 迂回路 (Jap.).


So it's straight on I go ⬆️, Past early flowering blackthorn,

...the burbling brook near Egelsbach.....

.....and the Förster Haus Koberstadt......


All part of the weekend activities, which also include cooking👨‍🍳 and whatsapp calls 📲 to those in different time zones. Must be careful there. Don't want disturb somebody munching their toast in West Sussex, or sipping their evening miso soup ばんごはん in Tochigi . I usually get it right though. The most difficult cases seem to be those in the same time zone. I will not mention any names of course......😄



A violinmaker once said to me " Oh, but I make exact copies of Stradivari violins you know. I follow all the measurements.....". Yes, but.......It reminds me of my efforts in calligraphy. I can carefully follow all the right brush strokes, but the result never looks as good as the real thing. Part of the problem is that I am being too careful, and the result looks a bit contrived.

It demands such patience and concentration, but at the same time energy, flow and confidence....This character means many things: yasui やすい  - relax, cheap, low, quiet, rested, contented, peaceful.

簡単? 違います。 それは難しい

Don't give up! あきらめないで!

An old newspaper has its uses......

And washing out the brushes is always dramatic...

No diversions today. But it was only 4°c this morning...brrrr...🥶 so I have to push myself to get out. Not that it's difficult. I hop on to the Sbahn to Frankfurt.....


....and am soon cycling along the River Main embankment, weaving my way between joggers, prams, the two combined, and the elderly with the odd stick. Across the water I catch a glimpse of St. Leonhard's church....


...and am soon heading out to Offenbach.....and its post-industrial vibe.....

"Minato Mirai"

except that it's not all post-industrial....


I watch too much news media 📰 which is not a good thing.. But there are thinking people out there, which gives me hope. They may not be world leaders, but they have ideas. I heard this TED podcast the other day. An Israeli and a Palestinian talk peace, dignity and safety. Listen to it, and draw your own conclusions....パレスチナ人とイスラエル人が話す...........

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⬆️ And and I enjoy hearing from you...!





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