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Strange Party 珍しい パーティー


First there was a house...最初に家がありました

Then there was a ghost house....それから幽霊屋敷がありました

Then there was half a house....それから半分の家がありました

then came the digger......油圧油圧ショベル

Then there was a hole.....それから穴がありました

Then.......same house. 同じ景色..........家はありません.

So it is in my little town. Langen.それで、それは私の小さな町にあります。ランゲン.

But not far away is this......

And this..............even though they might be quite slow...............snails are actually beautiful..かたつむり 蝸牛

And at this time of year there is no shortage of dramatic sunsets.....劇的な夕日

Frankfurt in the distance.....フランクフルト

Some towns don't change much over the centuries. Like Rüdesheim am Rhein, where I found myself on Friday.....こ町は変(か)わりません。リューデスハイム

houses get tastefully renovated here...

And even old cars are to be seen....(hmm...that looks fun!) 楽しそうですね😁

Wine has been cultivated here since Roman times....ブドウ園

The Seilbahn (cable car) is a later addition though...ケーブルカー

But all leads back to Vater Rhein ...Father Rhine.....

and his is one at Assmanshausen, famous for its "Assmanhausen Höllenberg" Riesling wine.......

What else is new this week? 今週は他に何が新しいですか?Well, I discovered that you can practise calligraphy without ink! Yes, I have been presented with some special water paper.... the merriment of my guests....

Here's me trying it out......! "水書 道" をやってみます

Writing "ki" in this case, which is my favourite kanji and means spirit, heart, mind or feeling (and a lot else). Of course when it dries it disappears.....

So there you are, another View from the Towers. And on this, my 30th post, I would like to thank you all for reading it. I imagine all the things you might be doing at this time: Playing the violin at a wedding? conducting a choir? re-adjusting to life in Germany? enjoying retirement? plotting the next climate change demo? singing a Bach cantata? facing a classroom full of kids somewhere near Nairobi? poring over a medieval manuscript in an old German university? keeping an eye on Chinese imports in Frankfurt? setting sail on the Medway? giving a piano lesson in Kanagawa? delivering salads to bankers? preparing for your next organ recital? gearing up for your Shakespeare production? rehearsing your dance routine for the Main Matsuri? firing pots in Bristol? tending to the elderly or disabled? stroking your cats in Yokohama? trying to find a taxi in Ukraine? or even leaning over the rail of a research ship off the coast of Alaska? According to the feedback I get, these are all real possibilities.

I send out this blog pretty randomly to whoever I think might be interested. Some of you have signed up (see the button at the top of the page), which means you get a deluxe notification via email. Thank you! However, if this all a bit too much for you, don't hesitate to tell me and I shall take you off the list. No problem.

この投稿を読んでいただきありがとうございます。 新しい投稿のお知らせを受け取りたい場合は、上部の購読フォームに記入してください。 ありがとう!Nigel.😊



This week I have taken a detail from one of Kawanabe Kyousei's (1831-1889) more unhinged pictures. It's a calligraphy fight. A strange party 珍しい パーティー indeed! Brushes are the weapons, and everybody is getting covered in ink!........😂




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