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The happy things in life 人生の幸せなこと 24th February 2022


There is a fertile stretch of the Rhein valley north of Koblenz known as the "Goldene Meile" (The Golden Mile). Did you know that? I didn't, but I was planning a walk recently and the title leapt off the page at me.


Following a tip from from a friend last week I have now sought out a new japanese shop in Frankfurt . It's called Iimori Ichiba, and is tucked away behind the Konstablerwache - one of Frankfurt's main transport hubs. I opened the door and stepped in, to be immediately greeted by that classic greeting - “Irasshaimase!” いらっしゃいませ!, meaning “Welcome to the store!” or “Come on in!.” It felt like I was back in Japan. Mind you, I wonder how long they will keep that up, as the average Frankfurter might be confused by this greeting. It is one greeting which you need not feeI obliged to answer. So I wandered around, picking up two Sencha teas and some fun snacks. Here they are, extracted later from my rucksack.....

I am looking forward to trying this tea out at breakfast time! Now to the alcohol. Well, the huge range of Sake was rather daunting,

so I decided to postpone this one for the moment....

Rice balls, salads, Bento boxes and cakes were all being served at the counter....mmmmm! yummy 😋.

Here are some more photos....

But it was coffee time for me, 美味しいコーヒー😉. And as I was sitting there, sipping my Cappucio (very Japanese...haha...😅), I saw in my mind's eye a sort of japanese Goldene Meile developing in Frankfurt. It would start in the south in Sachsenhausen`s modest B-Gourmet which I have already mentioned in a previous post....

with a slight detour to high-end restaurant,The Sake, near Frankfurt-Süd Passing through the Sachsenhausen Altstadt it would of course take in the L'epoca Sake bar. .

It would then pass Restaurant Muku in the Dreiechstrasse (where you have to book a table 2 weeks in advance!). Over the River it would continue, passing up the Fahrgasse. Here you would pass Ramen Jun (always busy) and then the lovely old Mikuni restaurant , which feels like a genuine Izakaya 居酒屋 straight from some back street of Tokyo. A few steps away is a shop selling japanese tableware and teapots. And then you would arrive at Konstablerwache and slip down the alley known as "An der Staufenmauer" to visit Iimori Ichiba,

which is so new that they don't seem to have a website ready yet! And there is no sign in any European language outside to explain the shop! But I actually quite like this....😄.

But the Goldene Meile wouldn't stop here. I now imagined it branching out like the delta of a great river, encompassing such delicious eating places like Mangetsu at the Eschenheimer Turm and Higematsu, near the Börse. And the list goes on. After I have posted this someone is bound to write in saying....Oh, but you forgot those little corners of the West End, like Takumi ..... and the other (original) branch of Ramen Jun! are three pictures from this, the first Ramen Jun in Frankfurt....

which when it opened seemed to be mainly staffed by a music student, a graduate from Rikkyo University and a freelance designer and artist from N.W. Tokyo........

And so, a relatively small city like Frankfurt is well provided for in terms of Japanese food. How lucky we are. And before I end this post I will add this picture. Walking back from Iimori ichiba I was nearly run over by a pianist on her bicycle - what a funny coincidence. Thank you Yao Yao for the selfie! 😂!


Postscript. This blog tells of happy and enjoyable things in life. But my heart is heavy as I read reports of Russia's attack on Ukraine today. This humanitarian call was printed, of all places, in the China Daily today 24.02.2002...

UNITED NATIONS - United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres Wednesday night asked Russian President Vladimir Putin to bring troops back to Russia shortly after Putin announced a military operation in Ukraine.

"I must say, President Putin: In the name of humanity bring your troops back to Russia. In the name of humanity do not allow to start in Europe what could be the worst war since the beginning of the century," the top UN official told reporters at the UN headquarters in New York after the Security Council emergency meeting on Ukraine concluded.

At a moment when the world is emerging from COVID-19 and so many developing countries absolutely need to have space for the recovery, it would be "very, very difficult, with the high prices of oil, with the end of exports of wheat from Ukraine, and with the rising interest rates caused by instability in international markets", Guterres said.

Noting it is "the saddest moment" in his tenure as the UN chief, Guterres called on Putin to stop the conflicts and "give peace a chance".


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